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September 30, 2021

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Porkin Pig Pussy – By Rrrumbler54 – M-Teen BeastialityPorkin Pig Pussy – By Rrrumbler54 – M-Teen Beastiality

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File Name: 0175 ZooStory Porkin Pig Pussy – By Rrrumbler54 – M-Teen Beastiality
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Description: I grew up on a farm, so it was a matter of time until I
found something to fuck. A true story. (M-teen/bestiality porn)


I have written about getting my cock sucked by the
calves on our farm. Well, that was GREAT, when it
wasn’t extremely painful! The pain won and I stopped
putting my cock into non-human mouths. But I had been
exposed to the possibilities….

One day while feeding the hogs, I saw a sow in heat,
about to be mounted by our boar. She had walked up to
the feeder, and seemed to pay no attention to what was
going on, and just kept eating. He sniffed her big,
red, swollen pussy, and she kept eating. He licked it a
couple times, and she kept eating.

He hopped up on her back, and his long, skinny cock
found her pussy. He started to grunt and groan, and
almost instantly, cum was running out of the sow! I had
seen animals breed before, but for some reason, this
turned me on. I had my cock in my hand before I knew
what I was doing! The boar kept fucking and grunting,
and the cum kept pouring from the sow’s cunt! I
couldn’t believe how much there was.