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On A Nude Hike – By Shayla Andrews – Girl Beastiality, Exhibitionism Zoo PornOn A Nude Hike – By Shayla Andrews – Girl Beastiality, Exhibitionism Zoo Porn

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File Name: 0204 ZooStory On A Nude Hike – By Shayla Andrews – Girl Beastiality, Exhibitionism Zoo Porn
Format: pdf
Size: 54.54 KB
Total pages: 4

Description: A story about a hike I took a few months ago and the
hairy friend I met. (F/bestiality porn, exh)


I live in Rhode Island, but take trips to Seattle about
once a month. The following happened on one of my
trips last September.

It was cool and raining lightly, perfect weather for a
nude hike. I doubt there will be many people (if any)
on the trail, so I can be bare and play with myself as
needed in nature.

I drove to my work and parked my car near where the
trail starts. I got out of the car and stripped
everything off and locked my clothes in the car, then
headed off onto the trail. It’s a little cool out and
damp making my nipples really hard, but it stopped
raining. As soon as I stripped, I started getting very
horny, so I headed for a spot where I could get
comfortable. I sat down on a big rock by a pond and put
my feet into the water. It was cool, but felt good.

I began rubbing my pussy, spreading myself open to get
at my clit. Before long I had three fingers in while my
other hand worked my clit and my nipples alternately. I
was quite a sight, lying back naked playing with
myself. I got off a couple of times like that, and then
got up on my knees and one hand and used my free hand
to finger my ass. God I love anal animal sex sex. I came again,
and decided it was time to hike some more, so I
splashed myself with a little water to freshen up a
bit, and got back on the trail.

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